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The Work of Harpole Parish Council

Parish Council Meetings

Full Parish Council Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at The Old School Hall, School Lane at 7.30 pm unless otherwise stated. Next meeting dates are shown in the diary. Harpole has a Parish Council of 13 members and a Parish Clerk and executive planning officer.  

During the current social distancing, Council meetings are taking place via the virtual meeting platform “Zoom”. Residents can attend these meeting by applying to the clerk for an access key.

Agendas for full Parish Council and Committee Meetings are posted on the Glass-Fronted Noticeboard outside the Old School and on this website at least three days before the meetings.  Members of the public and the press are welcome to attend and can take the opportunity to raise issues with the Council at the beginning of the meeting.  The District Councillors are always invited, and the County Councillor and the local PCSO sometimes attend. This site is managed by the Parish Council to provide information to residents about the work of the council, its meetings, finances and actions. Also, it publishes community information about activities, clubs and organisations in Harpole

Harpole Parish Council

Harpole Parish Council is one of over 8,700 parish and town councils representing around 16 million people across England. They form the most local level of government and cover many rural and urban areas. Parish Councils and Town Councils have the same powers and can provide the same services. The only difference is that a town council has decided that it should be known as a town council instead of a parish council, and has a mayor.

What services do we provide?

Harpole Parish Council has a responsibility for the well-being of the local community. Its work falls into three main categories:

  1. representing the local community
  2. delivering services to meet local needs
  3. striving to improve quality of life in the parish

The responsibilities of the Council  include:

  • Making grants to village organisations from council funds
  • Provision and maintenance of street lighting in the village (but not Highway lighting on the A4500)
  • allotments
  • footpaths/bridleways
  • bus shelters

Other services:

 The Council also works with South Northants Council and Northamptonshire County Council for other services:

  • litter bins
  • planning
  • street cleaning
  • traffic calming measures

What we do, what we don’t

We do pay for and manage the grass cutting in the public areas of the village.

We do own, maintain (and pay for the electricity supply to run) the streetlights.  – but not Highway lighting on the A4500

We don’t manage the refuse collection. This service is undertaken by the District Council.

The Parish Council has no powers over parking issues; this is the responsibility of the Police.

We don’t mend footpaths and roads – this service is undertaken by the County Council. However, We do liaise with the County Council Highway Department to apply pressure for repairs and improvements.

We don’t determine planning applications – South Northants Council do this. But we are consulted by the District Council on all applications within the Parish and make comments to the District Council the application. The District Council have regard to these comments when determining the application. If you have comments on any application, you may come to the Parish Council meeting when the application is discussed so we may understand your views – you may also comment directly to the District Council.

To report issues in the village, fly-tipping, potholes, on-street issues, parking and anything that gives you cause for concern, please visit this page, which provides direct links to the most appropriate place to resolve the issue.

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This site is hosted and serviced on behalf of the Parish Council by Gatherum to provide information to residents about the work of the council, its meetings, finances and actions. 

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