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The Defibrillator in Harpole is located on the side wall of Magnus Shoes, in the High Street, opposite the Store and Post Office. If people ring 999 for an emergency they will have to answer a series of questions. Based on the answer to some of the clinical ones the computer will search for the Harpole  Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD). The conditions for granting access to the Defibrillator include cardiac arrest, some severe heart and breathing conditions. If the Defibrillator is within 500m of the address for that emergency, then the caller is asked if they are able to retrieve it. There will need to be more than one person as one person needs to remain with the casualty. They are given the location and the code required to open the cabinet and to return to the address with it. It can then be used if needed. After the incident, it is usually returned to the cabinet by the person that fetched it or it can be taken by the ambulance crew. The emergency service control room runs a report on most days to identify which CPADs have been activated and they then attempt to contact the guardian to perform a check that it has been returned and is rescue ready for the next use.

Harpole – COVID-19 Information

This post provides information about the current state of emergency for Harpole residents. The aim is to put information in one place for easy retrieval. Bulletins and notices will still appear on noticeboards and on the Harpole Facebook group but also posted here for future retrieval.

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