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Unauthorised Encampment – Banbury Lane


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Northamptonshire Police

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Unauthorised Encampment – Banbury Lane

Dear Neighbourhood Alert Member

We have been made aware of an Unauthorised Encampment, in a lay by on the Banbury Lane as you exit Northampton in the direction of Rothersthorpe Village.

Both the Countywide Traveller Unit and Northamptonshire Police have visited the encampment today and completed initial assessments.

At this time the encampment will be managed by the Countywide Traveller Unit with the support of Northamptonshire Police.

Police Community Support Officers have and will continue to provide a reassuring visible presence in the nearby residential Pineham Lock and Swan Valley Industrial Estate’s.

We encourage the community to report any suspicious activity using the following methods:
Emergency telephone 999
Non urgent matters online at 

Kind Regards

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Nick Paul (Police, Neighbourhood Sergeant, Northampton)


Neighbourhood Police Team Parish Report 2


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Northamptonshire Police

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Neighbourhood Police Team Parish Report 2021

Please find attached the yearly South Northants Neighbourhood Police Team Parish Report by Sergeant Michaela Simons.
The document will be shared with all South Northants Parish Councils in readiness for the  Annual General Meetings coming up.
The document is an interesting reflection of the past year in terms of policing and there is some useful contact details within the document.
Kind regards



Parish AGM Report 2021 – South Northants.docx – 104.8 KB

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Katrina Heath (Police, Neighbourhood Police Team Co-ordinator, Daventry & South Northants)

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Courier Fraud


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Courier Fraud

To All Northants Neighbourhood Watch /Alert members

There has been a spate of Courier Frauds across the County , with suspects purporting to be Police Officers, for ”safekeeping / forensic examination” from vulnerable people.

The Police will never call to seek any payment.

Protect Yourself – What can you do ?

DON’T give any money or card details to any person at your front door , or calls/texts/emails you receive.
DON’T Let them into your property
DO call the Police immediately on 999 if the person is saying they are a Police Officer or other person saying they are an official of a company and asking for money.
DO make a note, of their lapel number, the registration of any vehicle that they are using, or if a call or text the telephone number. AND Report to Action Fraud


DON’T give your personal details to any person that calls you saying that they are your provider or Bank and want to take you through security. HANG UP
DON’T use the call back number they give you – Use a number that you know, on your card/statement.
MAKE sure the call from the incoming caller is fully disconnected, before you make any further outgoing calls, if not wait at least 10 minutes or until it has.
SPEAK to you providers contact centre or visit a local branch and tell them what has happened.
REPORT the incident to ACTION FRAUD

Stay Safe

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The Parish Council is keen to collect information about how the residents of Harpole Parish use Upton Country Park and establish the extent to which the use of South View is associated with the Country Park. We would grateful if you could spare a few minutes to answer the questions below

Upton Country Park & Parking Survey
Tick all that apply
Tick all that apply
Other Entrance
Tick all that apply
Other Parking
Tick all that apply
Other Travel reason
Tick all that apply
Other Reasons for parking at South View

Parish and Unitary Local Authority Elections 2021

 ELECTIONS NEWS   15 February 2021

Potential candidates urged to find out more at elections briefing

People thinking of standing as a candidate in the West Northamptonshire Council or town and parish elections are encouraged to join in a briefing taking place soon.

On Thursday, 6 May residents across Daventry, Northampton and South Northants will vote to elect councillors to the new unitary authority, which will go live on 1 April this year, replacing their existing district, borough and county councils. Elections are also due to take place that day to elect representatives for up to 165 town/parish councils across West Northamptonshire.

People thinking about becoming a candidate or acting as an agent for either of these elections is urged to attend an online briefing session on Wednesday, 3 March, from 5.30pm.

The session, which will be held on Zoom, will cover the nominations process, key electoral information, dates and deadlines as well as setting out important details about the Covid safety measures being planned for candidates and agents.

Those wishing to attend should email or call 01327 302326. The session will be recorded and available on YouTube later for those unable to attend.

Anna Earnshaw, Returning Officer for the West Northamptonshire elections and the Chief Executive of the new Council, said: “Anyone thinking of standing as a candidate or acting as their agent in the spring elections should attend this briefing.

“It will provide them with everything they need to know about taking part, including how to submit nominations, key dates and deadlines, as well as important information about Covid restrictions and the measures we’ll be taking to minimise risks from the pandemic to voters.”

Polling arrangements for West Northamptonshire and parish elections are currently being organised jointly by elections officers in Daventry District, South Northants and Northampton who will be brought together on 1 April as part of the new Council. To find out more about registering to vote, plus information on applying for postal and proxy votes, please visit your local district/borough website.

Phone Scams and Texts

Neighbourhood Police Officer Numbers Set To Double

Bitcoin-Related Scam Emails

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