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Welcome to Harpole

Harpole Parish Council

Harpole Parish Office
Larkhall Lane
Harpole, NN7 4DF
Telephone 01604 289324

Website Changes

My move away from Harpole and leaving the Parish Council means that it is sensible for the Parish to transfer the website to an external supplier, with a base product that will be kept up to date in terms of legal and governmental requirements and will be easier for Parish Officers to maintain. The transfer process will begin before the end of the month and will take several weeks, with the requirement to transfer historical and current data. So providers of information from organisations, clubs, and businesses will need to send new details for their organisation to start the new site with current information.  This information would need to be refreshed anyway as we come out of pandemic restrictions. To ensure that we have a smooth transfer to the new site, I will be staying with the project until the new site is ready. If you have any updated information, please send it to me at

Harpole Parish Council provides your local services. Our role is to  to serve the residents and community of Harpole. Our website includes information about how we conduct business and what we do, as well as wider community information. If you can’t find the information you require then please email is a vibrant and active community with many clubs, organisations, and activities. As well as Parish Council matters this site provides the repository for information on these organisations and activities. There is also a section for village-based services. If you would like your business featured, or you have any questions about the site please contact us at   You can also sign up to receive our occasional mailing, highlighting activities and events in the Parish, Find out about the Parish Council here:

Street Lights in Harpole

Following long standing discussions around the ongoing issues with street lights around the village, and a presentation at the residents meeting last February, the Council has been  researching the project.  In November, the Parish Council sent a questionnaire to all residents about its proposal to replace the street lighting, which was well supported.

At the Harpole Parish Council meeting on the 8th March 2021, it was RESOLVED to seek the approval of the Secretary of Stare for Housing, Communities and Local Government to apply to Salix Finance Ltd for a loan of £35,052 over the borrowing term of 5 years for replacement of the street lighting in Harpole.  This will reduce the repair and running costs for the street lighting, while significantly reducing it’s carbon footprint.  The Parish Council has budgeted for an increase in the precept for this year of 11% for the project.  This is the equivalent of an additional £8.00 per year for the average household to meet the initial costs of the loan repayment until the cost savings are available.  The cost savings in future years will allow the Parish Council to support other projects which benefit the community.

If you have any views or opinions that you wish to feed in to this process, please contact the Parish Council

Upcoming Parish Council Meetings

More events

During the Pandemic, PC meetings are being held via Zoom – The details for attending a Zoom meeting will be found at the top of the agenda for each meeting. Members of the public are welcome at all meetings.


While the current situation prevents gatherings of more than two people, we have no opportunity to allow residents to have personal input to planning applications. Current applications can be found online here, providing an opportunity for residents to submit comments to our planning officer.


Harpole Events – Subject to change

There are no events

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